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Meowth: Normal Type

Meowth sat in the small black bag with her arms folded. She couldn’t believe she had been tricked and was now being kidnaped in this old, stinky bag. If they hadn’t taken her weapons and gear she would tear them apart right here and now. A thought suddenly struck her, she still had a weapon. She hadn’t used them in a long time, but on her was a weapon they could never take away from her- well it was more in her then on her. She flexed her paw and her claws slid out. A small smile sprouted on her face, she just had to wait for the right moment to escape now.

Not Available

Constantly looking for any loose change most Meowth will pick up anything with any sort of monetary value. If something shiny catches their eye they will stop what they are doing to go and pick it up even if they have to go out of their way to do so. They will often have stashes of coins and if anyone touches their small hordes without permission they will freak out. Some Meowth will carry around their precious items with them, but most will have some place hidden where they put these items with popular locations being underground or in the hollow of a tree.

Not Available

Most Meowth prefer to sleep during the day and will wander about at night. Their eyes are reflective, but it's only noticeable at night when a stray light falls onto them. Some creatures may confuse them for ghosts if they only catch a glimpse of their white, shining eyes. Meowth prefers to sneak around at night gathering things that others have left lying around or unprotected. If an item is unprotected they will often state that it must not be important to the owner and may swipe it for themselves. If they retract their sharp claws they can move almost silently. They can traverse high roof tops with ease and this, mixed with their sly nature may lead them to become mischievous deviants.

Not Available

Obsessed with cleanliness, many Meowth will not enter any place that is dirty. They prefer to live in places that are more active at night giving them things to do while they are awake but may also live in a ‘day dwelling’ town so they can snatch unsecured things while everyone is asleep. The more ghetto of Meowth's may live in dumps where they collect anything shiny that comes in.

Meowth Traits

Allignment: Many Meowth tend not to really care what others think and will only look out for themselves. They will simply laugh when others try to call them out on their less then savory deeds often causing those that are scolding them to get even more made. However if you make something worth their while they are pretty faithful and will almost definitely complete the task. This trait leads many to become well sought after spies and assassins.


Height: 1’04”
Weight: 9 LBS


25 Feet


100 years old is the age that most meowth will live too. If they remain as a meowth their whiskers will continuously grow with some 90 year old Meowth having whiskers longer than their bodies.


You can speak, read and write Common and Tankonian. Unless you focus on it, your voice tends to carry a sense of mischievousness within it. Some creatures find this tone endearing while others may find it suspicious.


There are 30 natures, pick a nature that best describes your character. Increase and decrease the appropriate stat accordingly.

Racial Ability score increase

You are agle and silent in everything you do. Your Dexterity score increases by +1. See rules on racial ability score increase for more information.


No Pokemon has to evolve, but if Meowth wishes to evolve it may do so at level 8 (see Persian for upgrades)

Meowth Names

Possible names for Meowth

Nyarth, Miaouss, Meowth, Meowzie, Mauzi, Naong, Tyson, Mimiugwaai or Miaomiao.

Abilities: Pick One

Pickup: You look around the cavern. This place looks old, there are markings all over the walls. As you run your hand along the wall you stub your toe on something. You look down and see some sort of artifact on the ground. What could this be?

Pick either Perception or Investigation. You gain Proficiency with the skill of your choosing, or expertise if you are already proficient with both.

Technician: As your friends doze off around the fire pit you sneak a ways off. It's time to get a little bit of extra practice. You will catch up to their strength, you just need a little bit more practice than them and work on the basics to perfect them.

Whenever you would normally roll a D4 when dealing damage, you roll a D6 instead.

Unnerve: Your foe glances over at you as they raise the berry to their lips. You harshly glare at them and yell, “ Hey, that's against the rules, you can’t eat that mid battle!” They hesitate. Good, you're getting through to them, you will have to convince them not to eat it, if they don't listen to you and eat it you're in deep trouble.

You may use your reaction to prevent any enemy within 30 feet from using a consumable item (such as a scroll or potion).


Your silent steps and skill with infiltration come in handy more often than not. Gain advantage on all stealth skill checks. This is a temporary trait, when the sheet is finished it will be updated.

Racial Attacks: Pick One

Scratch Pg XXXX

Nasty Plot Pg XXXX

Play Rough Pg XXXX

For a list of all attacks, see the Pokémon's attack sheet.

Type Effectiveness

The below are the effectiveness of racial attacks against this pokemon based on type: Not Very effective: None. Super Effective: Fighting. Immune: Ghost. See ‘type effectiveness’ for more information.

Evolution Trait

Claws: You have a set of sharp claws built in that are near impossible to take away. Your claws are considered to be natural weapons which you can use to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with them, you deal 1D4+your Dexterity modifier of slashing damage. You use your Dexterity modifier for this attacks attack roll. This is a temporary trait, when the sheet is finished it will be updated.

Meowth tiptoed through the quiet night. The city was asleep making it the perfect time to hunt for loose change. He scanned the street slowly, his eyes looking for anything that could hold value. Something glinted in the moonlight and caught his eye. He ran up to it, hopefully it was a few coins or something expensive, he was almost out of rations and needed the funds to make it to next week. He picked the shiny object off the ground and flipped it over in his paws. This, this wasn’t a coin. The object was light purple and the size of his palm. It was the heart of Palkia, a large gem that had recently been stolen. He quickly scanned the street, there was no one in site. If he could sell this he would be rich, but if he was caught….he shivered. But that was besides the point. How in the world had something this rare ended up just sitting on the street?