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Lopunny: Normal Type

Lopunny stumbled into the town, barely able to walk. He was hurt and in incredible pain, but right now he had more important things to worry about. He and his friends tried to take a shortcut through the woods to the next city, but had been ambushed by thieves. They tried to defend themselves, but only barely escaped with their lives intact.. He was the only one with enough strength to walk, so here he was, in search of someone, anyone, that could help him and his friends, before it was too late.

Not Available

Lopunny are very protective of their ears. If anyone touches them, even by accident, they will be kicked. Lopunny spend a large chunk of their time grooming their ears, making sure nothing is caught in their fur. When they are frightened they often find comfort in hiding behind their ears.

Not Available

Whenever Lopunny run they tend to have a spring in their step propelling them forward. They shed their fur twice a year, during which they will try to hide themselves from others, ashamed of their baldness. However, once their fur grows back they’ll often sell their fallen fur to various merchants and craftsmen.

Not Available

Lopunny will refuse to enter any place that is crowded or dirty. Because of this they tend to live in small towns or on their own. However, from time to time you may spot one working at a tavern or as a merchant.

Lopunny Traits

Allignment: At first glance Lopunny looks weak, but as soon as you get on their bad side or do something they disagree with, they will get up in your face and try to take you out. Beware a Lopunny’s wrath.


Height: 3’11”
Weight: 73 LBS


30 Feet


100 years


You can speak, read and write Common and Sonhinese.


There are 30 natures, pick a nature that best describes your character. Increase and decrease the appropriate stat accordingly.

Racial Ability score increase

XXXX(something about why you get said mods). Your Dexterity ability score increases by +2. See rules on racial ability score increase for more information.


This is the final evolution of this line. Lopunny can no longer evolve, however it can mega evolve at level 15. (See Mega Lopunny for upgrades)

Lopunny Names

Possible names for Lopunny

Upon evolution many Pokemon change their name to better fit their new form and their new lifestyle. Some possible new names a Lopunny might take on are: Mimilop, Lockpin, Lopunny, Platinum, Schlapor, Leorop, Charm or Chang.

Abilities: Pick One

Cute Charm: You look innocently at your opponent and wink. Their face turns a bright red, you got them. Now that they are under your spell, it's time to take advantage of them.

Once per long rest you may cast the spell ‘sanctuary’ on yourself. You do not need any material components and if you do not have a spell DC your spell DC is 8+proficiency+Charisma modifier.

Klutz: You hold the amulet as all your friends stare at you. They all said it was cursed, but it didn’t feel cursed to you. You hold it out to them and they all step back. You look at it again. Why was it acting differently around you?

Once per long rest as a free action you may cast remove curse on yourself without using a spell slot.

Limber: Your enemy's hand pulses with electricity as they charge toward you. There is no way on earth that you are going to let them touch you. You dodge as they try to hit you. You can take a few hits, but you refuse to be paralyzed.

You are immune to the shocked condition and have resistance to lighting damage.


Your jump distance is twice the standard amount. This is a temporary trait, when the sheet is finished it will be updated.

Racial Attacks: Pick One

High Jump Kick Pg XXXX

Bounce Pg XXXX

Healing Wish Pg XXXX

For a list of all attacks, see the Pokémon's attack sheet.

Type Effectiveness

The below are the effectiveness of racial attacks against this pokemon based on type: Not Very effective: None. Super Effective: Fighting. Immune: Ghost. See ‘type effectiveness’ for more information.

Evolution Trait

Kicks: You can use your kicks as a last defense against anyone who tries to attack you. Your kick is a natural weapon, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with them, you deal bludgeoning damage equal to 1D6+your Dexterity modifier. When using this trait you use your Dexterity modifier for your attack roll. This is a temporary trait, when the sheet is finished it will be updated.

Lopunny gently pulled a comb through her fur. Her shift as night watch was nearly over, but she needed to get all the knots out of her fur before she could wake the next Pokemon up, and finally get some rest. As she reached the last few strokes she heard something move behind her. She quickly turned around, coming face to face with a giant Arcanine. How did this guy get this close to her without her noticing? She looked directly into his eyes, and with a sheepish smile she quietly said, “I don’t suppose you’re part of the royal guard are you?