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Koffing: Poison Type

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Koffing Traits

Allignment: Not Available


Height: 2’00”
Weight: 2 LBS


20 Feet


100 years


You can speak, read and write Common and Tankonian.


There are 30 natures, pick a nature that best describes your character. Increase and decrease the appropriate stat accordingly.

Racial Ability score increase

XXXX(something about why you get said mods). Choose your Wisdom or Constitution ability score and increase it by +1. See rules on racial ability score increase for more information.


No Pokemon has to evolve, but if Koffing wishes to evolve it may do so at level 9(see Weezing for upgrades) or at level 9 in a city (see Galarian Weezing for upgrades)

Koffing Names

Possible names for Koffing

Dogars, Smogo, Koffing, Smogon, Ttogas, Duhkheiyun, Wasidan, Doku or James.

Abilities: Pick One

Levitate: As you hover above the ground you see a rock flying towards you. You gracefully float higher and the rock flies underneath you. You are the master of the sky, no one can hit you out of it.

All Ground type racial attacks have no effect on you. You are also immune to difficult terrain and effects that are bound to the ground (such as caltrops or the entangle spell.

Neutralizing Gas: As you look at your foes around the battlefield you can tell it will be a hard fight, good thing you have a few tricks under your sleeve to make it harder on your opponents.

When intuitive is rolled pick a number of creatures within line of sight equal to your proficiency modifier. Those creatures' abilities are nigated for one minute.

Stench: A putrid smell wafts off your body. You don't mind the smell, but your opponent can't take it. As they face you, they try not to gag. You smile, if they can't stand the smell now, just wait till they start to actually fight.

When you make an unarmed strike or a melee attack on a creature you may force them to make a Constitution saving throw, if failed they gain the frightened condition for one minute. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your proficiency modifier per long rest. Your DC save is 8+proficiency+Constitution.


You can cause the gasses inside you to escape and billow all around you. This trait allows you to use the fog cloud spell an amount of times per long rest equal to your proficiency bonus. When you use this trait you do not use a spell slot. This is a temporary trait, when the sheet is finished it will be updated.

Racial Attacks: Pick One

Poison Gas Pg XXXX

Haze Pg XXXX

Smokescreen Pg XXXX

For a list of all attacks, see the Pokémon's attack sheet.

Type Effectiveness

The below are the effectiveness of racial attacks against this pokemon based on type: Not Very effective: Fighting, Poison, Bug, Grass and Fairy Super Effective: Ground and Psychic Immune: None See ‘type effectiveness’ for more information.

Evolution Trait

Tear Gas: Once per long rest you may cause all the creatures within 20 feet to make a Constitution saving throw. If they fail they gain the frightened condition and must attempt to move away from you till they use their action to succeed the save, they take damage or lose line of sight of you. Your DC save for this attack is 8+proficiency+Wisdom modifier. This is a temporary trait, when the sheet is finished it will be updated.

Not Available