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Farfetch'd: Normal / Flying Type

Farfetch’d stood in front of his foe, legs shaking. He was up against a Salamence, there was no way he could win with his small stick! He tried to reposition his grasp on the weapon but fumbled, causing it to fall onto the ground. The Salamence started to laugh loudly, bringing tears to Farfetch’d’s eyes. This was it. There was no way he could win, no chance at all.

Not Available

It is traditional for a Farfetch’d to carry around some sort of plant as a weapon to defend themselves. The type of plant they carry depends on their family line with each family passing down the secrets on how to care for the plant as well as how to wield it. When not in use, many of them will tuck the plant under their wing for protection. They consider the plant to be sacred to them and anyone disrespecting the plant or claiming it has no purpose may face the Farfetch’d’s wrath. Any Farfetch’d who is serious about fighting will search out ways to enchant their specific plants to never wilt or break, but this is a hard task to do with most of them just trading out plants that can no longer be used with new ones.

Not Available

In a pinch, Farfetch’d can eat the plant they carry around with them. However most will do this only as a last resort. If it is eaten or wilted, they will search tirelessly for a new replacement. It is said that Farfetch’d gained their reliance on plants long ago, a legendary saw how weak the birds were, but could also see that their spirits were strong. So to help them out they were taught how to craft weapons out of plants giving them a way for their actions to match their spirits.

Not Available

Many Farfetch’d prefer to stay hidden in the underbrush. They make home near the plants they find sacred, often on the ground under some sort of shelter. They will spend much of their lives tending to the plants with some families caring for a single plant for so long that the plant in their care is the only one of its kind left. On occasion, they may even build their entire dwelling out of their treasured plants as a way to show their devotion to the plant.

Farfetch'd Traits

Allignment: A cautious Pokemon, Farfetch’d tend to keep to themselves and are only willing to be in the company of family for long stretches of time. They have a hard time understanding others and many other creatures have a hard time understanding them and their strange connection to plants.


Height: 2’07”
Weight: 33 LBS


25 Feet


100 years is the average lifespan of most Farfetch’d. They grow to maturity around 14 years of age and are considered to be adults at 18. The older they get the darker the brown on them will become, the crest on the top of their head may also start to wilt and fray as they reach around 90 years old.


You can speak, read and write Common and Tankonian. Many creatures will say your words come out noisily and a bit muddled. However that's not to say your voice isn’t pleasant, just a bit hard to understand the difference between ‘T,P,C and Q’ at times.


There are 30 natures, pick a nature that best describes your character. Increase and decrease the appropriate stat accordingly.

Racial Ability score increase

You are naturally skilled with makeshift weapons and the connection you have with nature and plants is undeniable. Your Dexterity or Strength score increases by +1 and at level 7 your Wisdom score increases by +2. See rules on racial ability score increase for more information


This is the only evolution of this line. Farfetch’d can not evolve.

Farfetch'd Names

Possible names for Farfetch'd

Kamo, Kamonegi, Canarticho, Farfetch’d, Porenta, Paori, and Dacongya.

Abilities: Pick One

Keen Eye: Your body is wobbly, but that won't stop you from keeping your eye on your foe and landing every hit.

When attacking with disadvantage, if you fail, you deal damage equal to your respective modifier (minimum of 1) and the damage type of what attack you attempted to use to the creature you had targeted.

Inner Focus: You close your eyes and everything around you seems to slow down. You can see your opponents; they are hiding and seem to think they have the upper hand. That's cute, as soon as they get close enough you will destroy them.

You can not be surprised. If a surprise round is initiated in your party you may attack that round.

Defiant: You may be at a disadvantage, but you won't let it get you down. You will just have to hit harder now to make up for it.

When you are forced by another creature to roll at disadvantage you deal extra damage equal to your proficiency modifier on your next successful damage dealing attack. This effect doesn't stack.


You have a flying speed of 50 feet. To use this speed, you can’t be wearing medium or heavy armor. (see flying speed for more information).

Racial Attacks: Pick One

LV 1

False Swipe Pg XXXX

Agility Pg XXXX

Air Cutter Pg XXXX

LV 7

Leaf Blade Pg XXXX

Brave Bird Pg XXXX

Fury Cutter Pg XXXX

For a list of all attacks, see the Pokémon's attack sheet.

Type Effectiveness

The below are the effectiveness of racial attacks against this pokemon based on type: Not Very effective: Bug and Grass Super Effective: Rock, Electric and Ice Immune: Ground and Ghost See ‘type effectiveness’ for more information.

Evolution Trait

Plant Weapon: In a half hour of time, you can create makeshift weapons in a pinch out of any nearby plant. For example You could use a sharpened reed as a blade or a thick leek as a club you can even combine plants to make unique weapons. These work as improvised weapons, and you have proficiency in any weapon made out of plants, the type and amount of damage it deals is up to the DM’s discretion. The weapon will wilt and die within 1 day unless magically enchanted or you take a short rest to revive it giving it life for 24 more hours.

Farfetch’d waded through the reeds, carefully inspecting each one. The perfect replacement had to be here somewhere. She had broken her last one and felt naked without it. She grabbed one of the plants and yanked it out of the ground to examine it closer. The replacement had to be perfect, it was a matter of life and death. From the other side of the reeds, one of her friends yelled, “Just pick one already! We need to get moving!” She tucked the reed under her wing and waded out of the brush. This one would work. It wasn’t perfect, but that would make her battles more... interesting.