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Diglett: Ground Type

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Diglett Traits

Allignment: Not Available


Height: 0’08”
Weight: 2 LBS


30 Feet


100 years


You can speak, read and write Common and Tankonian.


There are 30 natures, pick a nature that best describes your character. Increase and decrease the appropriate stat accordingly.

Racial Ability score increase

XXXX(something about why you get said mods). Your Strength ability score increases by +1. See rules on racial ability score increase for more information.


No Pokemon has to evolve, but if Diglett wishes to evolve it may do so at level 7(see Dugtrio for upgrades)

Diglett Names

Possible names for Diglett

Digda, Taupiqueur, Diglett, Digda, Deihsyu, Dishu or Digletas.

Abilities: Pick One

Sand Veil: You pause and take a deep breath in. A sandstorm raged around you, but it doesn't bug you. This is home. The heat of the sun and the smell of the hot sand is nostalgic. You have been away for so long that you almost had forgotten it.

When there is a Sandstorm, gain +2 AC and you ignore all negative effects of Sandstorms.

Arena Trap: You hit the ground and the land around you starts to liquify and fall in toward you. You know how to stand on it and not sink, but your opponent doesn't. They try to escape the falling dirt, but they cannot. You slowly walk toward them grinning, there is no escape now they must fight you or perish.

Once per short rest, you may cast the compelled duel spell on any creatures touching the ground without using a spell slot. Constitution is your spellcasting ability modifier.

Sand Force: As the wind and sand fly about you close your eyes and concentrate. You have practiced for this. You know how to move and attack in this storm. Use it to your advantage.

If you are in a sand storm all of your Rock, Ground and Steel type racial attacks deal one die of extra damage. The sandstorm has no negative effects on you.


You have a digging speed of 15 feet. To use this speed you can not be wearing heavy armor or have any weapons equipped. (see digging speed for more information) This is a temporary trait, when the sheet is finished it will be updated.

Racial Attacks: Pick One

Bulldoze Pg XXXX

Growl Pg XXXX

Astonish Pg XXXX

For a list of all attacks, see the Pokémon's attack sheet.

Type Effectiveness

The below are the effectiveness of racial attacks against this pokemon based on type: Not Very effective: Poison and Rock Super Effective: Water, Grass and Ice Immune: Electric See ‘type effectiveness’ for more information.

Evolution Trait

Dark Vision: Your eyes are used to the darkness of the underground. You have darkvision and can see dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. This is a temporary trait, when the sheet is finished it will be updated.

Not Available