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Cyndaquil: Fire Type

Cyndaquil sneezed as shadows danced across his vision. He was sick and he knew that, but he had to get to the next town. He continued to stumble forwards, trying his best to stay on the path and to not trip on a rock. If he stopped and rested now, there was a high chance that he may never wake back up. Suddenly something touched his back, startling him, he quickly turned around and tried to ignite the flame on his back, but all he could produce were a few weak sparks. He looked around frantically but couldn't see anything unusual. Was his mind playing tricks on him? Had he really felt that or was it all just in his mind?

Not Available

If a foe attacks Cyndaquil, the flames on their back may ignite, singeing the enemy and giving them just enough time to run away. The flames may also ignite by accident if they are angry or surprised, this reaction has led to many unexpected fires. The temperature of the fire on their backs varies depending on how upset they are; the more angry they are, the hotter the flame is. If they are livid it may even burn a bright blue.


If you are caught by surprise and are not tired or sick the flame on your back will erupt and cause anyone within 5 feet to be bathed in heat. Any creature within 5 feet when this happens must make a Intelligence saving throw, if failed they get knocked prone, this takes your reaction. Your DC save for this attack is 8+proficiency+Constitution modifier. Once your flames erupt on accident they can not do so again for 10 minutes. This is a temporary trait, when the sheet is finished it will be updated.

Not Available

If a Cyndaquil is tired or sick, the flames on their back will only sputter and can not ignite. An easy way to tell how well a Cyndaquil is feeling is simply to ask them to start the flames on their backs. They tend to be extremely timid creatures and don't like to be in the way of others and may even start to cry if they feel they are being a burden to someone. When scared or cold they will curl up into a small ball, this helps them calm down and retain heat in a pinch.

Not Available

Cyndaquil are not picky and will live in the most convenient locations they can find. The places they find to live are based more on convenience of others rather than for themselves. They will have a hard time asking for help from others in fear of inconveniencing them so it is not uncommon to see a Cyndaquil asleep on the side of the road because they didn’t want to be a problem for others.

Cyndaquil Traits

Allignment: Most Cyndaquil do not like to impose themselves on others and try their best to stay out of everyone's way. Because of this, it is easy for other creatures to forget they are even there or to take advantage of them. Although timid in nature, they still are kind hearted and if they see a small creature in distress will often try to help it as best they can.


Height: 1’08”
Weight: 17 LBS


25 Feet


100 years old is the average lifespan of the Cyndaquil line. They reach maturity at around 15 years old and are considered to be adults at 20. As they get older the flames they produce on their backs get stronger and stronger. Some of the oldest Cyndaquil can no longer produce white flames because of the intensity of their fire.


You can speak, read and write Common and Jthooic. Many Cyndaquil have a quiet, timid voice to match their personality.


There are 30 natures, pick a nature that best describes your character. Increase and decrease the appropriate stat accordingly.

Racial Ability score increase

Your small body allows you to move quickly and be able to hide in places others can’t. Your Dexterity score increases by +1. See rules on racial ability score increase for more information.


No Pokemon has to evolve, but if Cyndaquil wishes to evolve it may do so at level 4(see Quilava for upgrades)

Cyndaquil Names

Possible names for Cyndaquil

Hinoarashi, Hericendre, Cyndaquil, Feurigel, Beukein, Fokausyu, Huoqiushu, Jimm, Dawn or Exbo.

Abilities: Pick One

Blaze: Your body is weak and tired, but your friends still need you. You feel your body get a little lighter and your soul starts to burn bright. You can’t let them down now, after all, you are still able to fight. You will protect them with everything you have left.

When your HP decreases to 1/2 of your normal health or less all Fire type Racial Attacks gain advantage and deal one additional die of damage.

Flash Fire: The flames lick at you and suddenly you are filled with rage. Fire is your element. Your foes’ attacks are pathetic. It's time to show them what a fire type Pokemon is really made of.

When you are dealt fire damage, add an extra damage die the next time you deal fire damage. Additionally, you are resistant to damage from, and are immune to the non damage effects of Fire type racial attacks.

Racial Attacks: Pick One

Ember Pg XXXX

Rollout Pg XXXX

Smokescreen Pg XXXX

For a list of all attacks, see the Pokémon's attack sheet.

Type Effectiveness

The below are the effectiveness of racial attacks against this pokemon based on type: Not Very effective: Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice and Fairy Super Effective: Ground, Rock and Water Immune: None See ‘type effectiveness’ for more information.

Evolution Trait

Moving Fire: You may use the flames on your back as a fire pit and can keep nearby creatures warm. Other creatures can also use it to cook food. The fire radiates dim light within a 20 foot radius. This is a temporary trait, when the sheet is finished it will be updated.

Cyndaquil pulled herself tighter into a ball. It was cold out, so any extra heat she could keep in would be helpful. She was in a bed roll, but she would have much rather have stopped at an inn and slept there. If it were up to her, she would have, but her friends had convinced her to keep walking to gain a bit more distance so they could get to the next city faster. She shivered. To her, the extra distance wasn't worth this cold.